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Pension Transfers to Canada

If you are thinking of transferring any existing UK pensions to Canada, then you should read the article below.

There have been more rule changes again to ROPS / QROPS for 2017. Fortunately, it hasn’t affected pension transfers to Malta for tax residents in Canada as the cash lump sum available was already changed to 25%. Flexible access is still available in Malta meaning you can access your entire pension at age 55, although we argue that isn’t smart retirement planning as your pension essentially has to last you 30 years at retirement.

At the moment, we are recommending against UK pension transfers to Canadian RRSP’s as many of them are not passing HMRC’s requirements to be a ROPS and thus face an unauthorised tax charge.

If you are moving to Canada, it may be better under current ROPS rules to move your pension to Malta before you leave to work or retire in Canada.

Pension Transfer to South Africa

Pension Transfers to South Africa for Tax Residents in South Africa. QROPS / ROPS 2016/17 for British expats moving to South Africa and South Africans returning from working in London or working in the UK.

You can transfer your existing UK pensions to a Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (ROPS) formerly known as QROPS in Hong Kong and have your retirement income paid out tax-free with no tax on growth or death in Hong Kong.

If you are leaving the UK permanently, a UK pension transfer to Hong Kong avoids the death taxes in the UK of up to 45% after age 75 and UK income taxes of up to 45%.

Thanks to the HK – SA Double Taxation Treaty, a HK pension is taxed only in Hong Kong, meaning a South African pension is paid out tax-free.

You can choose the currency and investments of your pension scheme.

Your retirement income is then paid directly into your HK bank account tax-free.

Pension Transfer to Ireland

If you are moving to Dublin or moving to Ireland from the UK, you may wish to consider transferring your pension out of the UK tax system.

If you are living in Ireland, you can transfer your UK pension to a QROPS to get it out of the UK tax net. This avoids any tax on death. You can then choose to move your pension into EUR or keep it in GBP.

If you are transferring a pension to Ireland from the UK, you should speak to QROPS Specialists.

We can help Irish expats who have worked in the UK move their pensions overseas out of the UK tax net.

If you are planning on retiring in Ireland, we can help you with tax and pension considerations.

Pension Transfer to the USA

You can transfer a UK pension to Malta if you are considering moving to the USA or retiring in the USA later on in life.

A UK pension transfer to Malta can avoid UK taxes on growth, income and death. Malta has a Double Taxation Agreement with the USA and if the trust is written correctly, you can pay only US income taxes on your pension at retirement, avoiding death taxes.

Transferring a UK pension to the USA is a complex subject though and in many cases, you may be better off leaving your pension in the UK, particularly if you have a final salary pension or small pension scheme. Much care needs to be taken to perform a Transfer Value Analysis report to see if a transfer is worth considering.

A Malta ROPS can be denominated in GBP or USD. You can also choose the investments, but there are certain restrictions on what you can invest in.

QROPS USA / ROPS USA / Pension transfers to the USA / Pension transfers to Malta for US residents

American expats returning from working in the UK can transfer their pensions

British expats can transfer their existing UK pensions to a Malta ROPS if they are moving to the USA

Dutch expats can transfer their existing Dutch pensions to a Malta ROPS if they are moving to the USA

Irish expats cannot transfer their pensions due to Irish pension law restrictions.

When transferring a pension to the USA, consult a QROPS specialist.

See link here for more information

Pension Transfer to NZ for Australia

You can now transfer your pension to New Zealand and draw your pension income in Australia thanks to the Trans-Tasman Retirement Portability Agreement.

Currently, there is only one pension scheme which is both a NZ ROPS and also registered in Australia.

This is an option due to the caps and age restraints surrounding UK pension transfers to Australia directly.

The New Zealand pension transfer solution is for expats who want to transfer their pensions out of the UK tax net in one single transfer and still pay no income tax on their pension in Australia.

When transferring your pension to NZ, your existing UK pensions are taken out of the UK tax net. When you draw your pension income at age 55 or later, your pension is paid tax-free into your Australian bank account. There is no tax on growth, death or income.

You can choose a managed account in either GBP or AUD.

British expats can transfer their existing UK pensions to NZ and pay no income tax in Australia

Irish expats can transfer their existing Irish pensions to NZ and pay no income tax in Australia

Dutch expats can transfer their existing Dutch pensions to NZ and pay no income tax in Australia

Australian expats can transfer their existing UK pensions to NZ and pay no income tax in Australia

QROPS Australia / ROPS Australia / QROPS New Zealand / ROPS New Zealand pension transfers

Transferring a pension to New Zealand for tax residents in Australia.


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how to pass a hair drug test

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Link for the step by step instructions,exactly what we did:

How to pass a hair follicle test ?
In this video, I discuss how you can successful pass a hair follicle drug test by utilizing a hair follicle detox shampoo. Just in case you didn’t know, the hair follicle test utilizes a very small sample of hair and It measures drug molecules that are typically produced only after the drug has been processed by your system. As we all know, urine drug tests are typically the most popular type of test but employers are beginning to push towards hair sample drug tests. Obviously, synthetic urine and detox drinks will not do the job in this scenario. Make sure you listed in as I show you how to pass this test step by step.

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Timing belt replacement Honda Odyssey 1998

Timing belt replacement Honda Odyssey 1998-2004 3.5L V6 water pump too. Check out your timing belt kit choices on Amazon.

This video should help you for other models and years as well and I have tried to list some below.

1998,1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Honda LaGreat
Honda Accord
Acura TL ,LC, MDX
Honda Pilot

Playlist- Replacing your Timing Belt
hands on videos

This Channel provides videos for informational purposes only and cannot be held liable for injury, damage, problems that arise when trying to duplicate steps shown in videos because it is impossible to account for all possible circumstances and situations. Please do contact a qualified auto technician in your area before attempting any work you feel you are not qualified to do.I will make a small commission from Amazon if you purchase anything
through the link.